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Heat Pumps

An air-to-water (A2W) heat pump is an advanced home heating technology powered by a renewable energy source. The systems work by harnessing heat energy from ambient air to cost-effectively and sustainably heat your home and water systems. Air-to-water heat pumps lower the carbon footprint and save homeowners considerably on their heating bills.

They are an ideal option for new build homes where they work in tandem with underfloor heating and mechanical ventilation systems to create a warm, comfortable indoor living environment.

TAF Heating & Plumbing is an accredited installer for Daikin, Joule and Hitachi air-to-water heat pumps which are among the world’s leading brands of air-to-water technology.

We can provide advice about which air-to-water heat pump solution would be the best fit for your home and needs, and supply, install and commission your heat pump to help you enjoy the benefits of heating powered by renewable energy in your home.

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